Bole Floor Light #20.

 Felled Light have been featured in Grand Designs, Living Etc and Image magazines.

Felled Light is based in East London, each light is handmade and constructed with English hardwoods from trees that are wind felled or part of a forest management programme. Every piece of wood is hand picked and individually worked on by hand. The woods commonly used include Oak, Hornbeam, Beech and Birch.

The Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi is central to our ethos. This is characterised by asymmetry, simplicity and modesty, coupled with an appreciation of the integrity of natural objects.

The lights are made in a simple manner that compliments the way that nature has marked and shaped the tree. This is important as it reveals the history of the tree’s transformation into its current form, a progression that is usually completely removed or unconsidered in traditional woodworking.

The seasoning process takes a minimum of two years, after that each piece is worked by hand. Each light is fire branded on the bottom with the Felled Light logo. Finally, the wood is treated and oiled to enhance its beauty and to ensure its life is preserved. This combination of care and attention to detail makes Felled Light truly unique and sustainable pieces of design.

bulb holder detail(b&w)

We believe the quality and heritage of our lights must be echoed wherever possible and so Felled Light uses only the highest quality British made electrical components.

hand tools(b&w)

Each light is unique, crafted by hand in our workshop.

Seasoning wood

The seasoning process takes a minimum of two years, after that each piece is constructed in a process that includes fourteen separate stages.

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