Felled Light is based in East London, each light is made by hand and constructed with English hardwoods. All the wood we use comes from trees that are wind felled or as part of a forest management programme, while the copper that is used in our wall lights is salvaged from London houses, this gives Felled Light non-destructive and highly ethical approach to producing its distinct lights.



Technical Details:

  • Our wood, fittings and flex are all grown (or made!) in the UK.

  • Each light is fire branded underneath with the Felled Light logo.

  • The lights are for indoor use only.

  • The wood has been treated and oiled, ensuring it’s life in preserved, they do not need to be re-oiled.

  • The wood, being a natural object, is subject to atmospheric variations and so some movement may be expected, to limit this, it is advised not to place the light next to radiators or other fluctuating heat sources.

bulb holder detail(b&w)

We believe the quality and heritage of our lights must be echoed wherever possible and so Felled Light uses only the highest quality British made electrical components.

hand tools(b&w)

Each light is unique, crafted by hand in our workshop.

Seasoning wood

The seasoning process takes a minimum of two years, after that each piece is constructed in a process that includes fourteen separate stages.